Caring for your lawn in an organic manner can be much easier than you might think. And when you implement an organic care system for your lawn, you can not only keep your lawn healthy, you can also avoid spreading toxic chemicals that are often found in other lawn care mixes and sprays. There are just a few simple changes you’ll need to make in order to care for your lawn in a more earth friendly manner.

Many times you’ll see your neighbors watering their lawns in the morning and the evening. However, this is actually something that does not benefit your lawn in the least. If you water more infrequently, this will encourage the grass roots to dig deeper into the soil, helping the grass to better establish itself deeper than the roots of the weeds. This will give the grass more moisture from deeper soil, while the weeds will naturally die out due to a lack of water nearer the top of the soil.

But when should you water your grass? Water only when it begins to show signs of drought stress. Grass that is experiencing drought stress will begin to lose its green color and the leaves will begin to fold and curl. When you see signs of this happening, this is when you should water your lawn, and when you do, water deeply. You can check how deeply you’ve watered your lawn by placing a cup in the area your sprinkler is spraying and ensure that it gets at least an inch of water.

In addition to watering infrequently, you’ll want to mow higher. What does this mean? Do not cut your grass so short. The shorter the grass, the easier it is for weed seedlings to get to the sunlight and the faster they’ll grow. If you leave your grass higher, the grass will block out the sunlight.

When you do mow, be sure to leave your clippings on the grass. Yes, we’re all used to raking it up, but if you leave the clippings on the grass, you’ll actually add more nutrients back to the soil as they decompose, making for healthier grass and soil.

Also, if you feel the need, make sure you’re using an organic fertilizer that will help adjust your soil’s pH. Incorrect pH in the soil will also damage your grass and may actually promote weed growth.

While you may have to change a lot of the ways you look at lawn care, when you switch to an organic regimen, you can begin to benefit your lawn in a much better way. Organic lawn care will also help keep costs down - both in water usage and fertilizers. And the less toxic chemicals being put into your soil? All the better for everyone involved.

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