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Every Friday we will be adding a post to our Organic Gardening Tips blog called "Friday's Organic Gardening Around The Web." We will have a new topic each week for the Friday feature from various sources around the Internet.

We subscribed to many different organic gardening newsletters and gardening feeds, plus our daily web surfing provides us with plenty of gardening information that we feel will be helpful to others.

Row covers will be the feature subject in our first "Friday's Organic Gardening Around The Web."

Row Covers are used to enhance plant and seedling growth as well as providing a protective covering to shield plants from the undesirable effects of cold, wind and insect damage.

The Use of Floating Row Covers... "Made of an extremely light-weight woven or sun-bonded synthetic material that allows light and water to penetrate, row covers are available in rolls five to six feet wide and in various lengths up to 375 feet. The material is reusable for several years if handled carefully to prevent tears."

row covers "Although not the prettiest to look at, Floating Row Covers are worth their weight and more when it comes to protecting your tender vegetables from early frosts or hungry pests. In fact, the advantages even go beyond this. Recent studies indicate several additional benefits of using row covers in the garden."

"Frost happens, even when you least expect it. Sometimes it's a relief, to finally be able to put your garden to bed. Sometimes it's a freak occurrence and you'd like to keep your plants going a little longer, or you're panicking because you just put them out and wish you hadn't." Do Row Covers Protect Plants from Frost Damage?

Use Row Covers to Cheat Ma Nature (and grow more produce)... Row covers can be thought of as easily installed and removed miniature greenhouses, a flexible and inexpensive way to change the USDA plant hardiness zone for your garden.

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