You may not know it, but composting has a number of benefits. It may seem as though it is a difficult project to start, but it actually is not. In addition to being a more natural way to dispose of food scraps and other organic manner, your compost heap will actually benefit you in a few aspects of your life.

If the soil in your yard or garden is in an unhealthy state, compost will help you to enrich the soil. This may, actually, be the very reason you or your neighbors began a compost heap in the first place. Compost will produce and encourages the production of bacteria and fungi that create humus. Humus will boost the nutrients found in the soil and help the soil stay moist. And because of the nutrients, compost will keep the plants - or grass - healthier.

As you might suspect, since composting will help rejuvenate unhealthy soil, it can also clean contaminated soil. If you have a history of contaminated soil in your area - be it from pesticides or even commonly found chemicals such as chlorine - you can begin adding compost to your soil in order to help it detoxify.

Composting can also save you in an economic fashion. It will keep the amount of garbage you put out each week to a minimum, which is beneficial for those living in areas where you may have to pay more if you dispose over a certain weight of garbage. It will also keep many things out of the landfill that may otherwise have taken up space.

In addition to saving you money in your garbage costs, it can also save on water costs when it comes to caring for your lawn. Healthy soil - and soil with healthy amounts of humus - will retain more water, thus decreasing the need for frequent waterings. Adding compost to your soil will also save you in terms of having to buy fertilizers. The compost is like an all in one multi-vitamin for your soil and will keep the good plants growing just as they should.

Composting has benefits beyond the scope of our own households. The more we compost, the better our immediate land becomes and the less matter that gets dumped into landfills, thus reducing pollution. And the healthier your soil is, the more you may be inclined to starting a garden, which can lead to even more benefits in the future.

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